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Ângelo Joel F Mendes - One Health PhD

I chose to move away from clinical work, [because] I suppose I was motivated by the potential impact of our work, as vets, in public health. That is also the best part of my work: the potential to make a significant contribution to the promotion of animal health and welfare as well as human and environmental health.

Ângelo Joel Ferreira Mendes started his PhD at the University of Glasgow in October 2018, after studying veterinary medicine in the University of Lisbon. In the years between his veterinary degree and his PhD, he worked as a small animal practitioner and researcher in the field of antimicrobial resistance.

Although my main interest in veterinary sciences was the health and welfare of animals, I soon realised that vets had an essential role in tackling diseases common to humans and animals, and such a role required holistic approaches involving several scientific disciplines.

Ângelo later pursued an MSc in Public Health, during which he studied ascariasis in English farmed pigs - you can find the paper here:

In his PhD project, Ângelo will be looking at the epidemiology and economics of zoonosis control. Economics is not the first thing you think of when you have a veterinary degree, but Ângelo plans on using insights from epidemiology and economics to improve the prediction and management of zoonotic diseases - focusing specifically on brucellosis control in northern Tanzania.

I enjoy being able to provide evidence that supports decision-making and delivery of public policy for zoonoses prevention and control. The most positive and exciting aspect is certainly learning from and being inspired by current and past extraordinary Glasgow scholars.

You can find another interview by Ângelo at the University of Glasgow website here.

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